10 Oct
scrabbleI must blame a little bit of my Scrabble addiction on my sister & brother-in-law. 🙂  A couple of  summers ago, when I visited them in Florida, we played Scrabble almost every day.  It was such a blast, too, because my brother-in-law invents his own little rules and we were stupid enough to agree to them, after a couple glasses of wine. I hadn’t played my all-time favorite board game in ages and playing it again re-ignited my old flame.  (I used to play it as late as high school, with a scrabble dictionary on hand.)   It was so nice to indulge in a game with others, who loved it as much as I did.   At home, I have to practically beg my hubby & kids to play it.
A few weeks after I came home, I discovered…..Facebook has SCRABBLE! Woohoo! I think I found it accidently…honestly, I don’t remember. Of course, my sister (at the time) and her hubby were not on FB. I asked other friends to play, but alas, they were just not into it. What was a Scrabble addict to do? I posted on the Scrabble discussion board that I needed a Scrabble buddy and…YEAY!
Now, I have so many scrabble games going on at once that it takes a few days to complete them.  Not only have I learned a lot of interesting new words  — who knew there were so many two-letter words? —  but I’ve also made new friends around the country.  Love it!!

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