Halloween Decor

12 Oct

pumpkinsIf you’re like me, you like finding inexpensive decorating ideas for Halloween too. After a quick search on the net, here are my favorite ideas:

Pumpkins/gourds:  Nothing says Halloween like a carved pumpkin on your front porch.  You can buy them at a local pumpkin patch or look for specials at your grocery store.  You can carve them or decorate with a sharpie – it’s up to you.  We like to carve ours and put a candle inside.

Ghosts:  Cover some small/medium balls with small/medium size (cut) white sheets and tie around ball securely with string/twine.  Use a black Sharpie and make eyes.  Viola!  You have ghosts – which you can hang outside on your tree or front porch or around your house.

Tombstones: Cut some old moving boxes or Styrofoam into tombstone shapes. Use remaining scraps for the stands.  Spray paint them gray or use aluminum foil.  Then, use a black Sharpie to write a simple R.I.P. or other amusing epitaphs.

Spider Webs: You can get cheap “webs” at the store or make your own with cotton balls — just pull them apart until they’re thin and feel like a spider web.

Also, check out your local dollar stores.  Sometimes you can get creative by combining some of the items you find there.


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