This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to thank a teacher!

12 Nov


Thank You, Teacher

T hank you for your
E agerness to teach
A nd
C are for our children,
H elping us in
E ducating them to be
R esponsible, respectable people

~~author unknown

It’s that time of year when you meet face to face with the people who spend all day with your children.  They see them at their best and they see them at their worst.  It’s parent-teacher conference time!

This afternoon, I went to my son’s parent/teacher/student conference and it just confirmed how I already felt about his teachers: they are excellent.  A couple of teachers really stood out.  They are the kind that students will remember forever.  They are creative and fun; they make learning an adventure.  On top of all that, they really get this age and the students strive to be their best.  They truly bring out the best in their students.  I can see the difference they’ve made in my son’s life and I am so thankful for them.

Of course, this made me reflect on the teachers that made a difference in my life.  The cobwebs in my memory don’t let me recall their names, but I’ll never forget how they taught me to read, write and especially how to love both.  They encouraged me and said I had “a lot of potential”.  I am sure my go-getter attitude partly stems from this encouragement.

I am also blessed to be around excellent teachers all day.  As an ELL parapro with 42 students throughout the school, I am in the unique position of going in several classes ranging from K – 5.  These teachers are really dedicated and caring.  I know they make a difference in these little lives.

This Thanksgiving, don’t forget to thank your child’s teacher.  After all, they need a little encouragement too.



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