Nanowrimo update…9 days and counting

21 Nov

The pressure’s on and I’m way behind on my nanowrimo word count – yikes!  I scratch my head and wonder if all the other things I write can count toward the word count….hmmm…guess not.  It has been a huge challenge — writing without editing.  Sometimes, my fingers start hitting the delete button and I have to freeze and just…continue typing.  The writing is turning out to be quite creative and very strange.   Some days I really like what I wrote and other days, not so much.

Writing is a lot like running a race.  You just keep running, even when you still can’t see the finish line.  Your lungs start to burn a little and you keep telling yourself to keep going.  It’s mind over matter and you can’t let negative thoughts take over.  Then, just when you zone out with a favorite song on your Ipod, the finish sign is in sight.  You quicken your pace and sprint the rest of the way.  It’s not so much the speed, for me, but the feeling of accomplishment.

Writing on Nanowrimo is interesting and I’m glad I started.   Somehow, I will reach the word count (race) and even if the product doesn’t win any contests, the process is a learning experience and I’ll be so glad when I sprint to the finish line.

Now — back to writing…



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