‘Tis the season for… my ‘peeps’

08 Dec

This time of year, every store seems to have a lot of  Christmas music and tons of decorations.  They also seem to be  in panic mode and have every possible kind of sale.  “Hurry, hurry – deals like these go quickly”, etc. etc.  Our junk mail triples at this time.   On the one hand, I know that they need to do this to stay in business and of course, the employees need the jobs to support their families.  On the other hand,  it can be a bit overwhelming and materialistic.  This isn’t what Christmas is about – for me.  Every Christmas, I have to remind myself not to get caught up in all the hoopla.  Instead, I make an effort to get together with family and friends.  Family and friends are what helps me through the worst of times and are proud of me in the best of times.  They are my ‘peeps’ (people).

I’m so blessed to have a wonderful husband, daughter and son.  They are the most important people to me and THEY ARE MY LIFE.

I am also blessed to have some relatives who live nearby, who are wonderfully supportive.  The rest of my extended family either  live in another state or country and we can’t always get together at this time of year.  Through the years, fortunately, I’ve also made several close friends that are my ‘other’ family.

This Christmas, I may not get into all the decorating as much as my neighbors; but I will most definitely get together (or Skype) with my peeps.

Have a blessed Christmas!

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