Cinnabon smile from an unexpected source

19 Dec

A couple of weeks ago, I waited for IKEA to open and bought a six-pack of Cinnabons.  Yum!  They were piping hot and the sugary smell immediately seeped through the box.  I held the box firmly and practically ran to my car.  I didn’t have much time.  I was on a mission to deliver these to a special someone at the hospital – about 45 minutes away.  I smiled to myself because I knew it was going to be a surprise and I couldn’t wait to deliver them.

My drive was now a familiar one and I shut off the GPS.  I was even familiar with the awful construction slowdown up ahead.  As I sat in my car, I automatically looked for the homeless man who always stood on the side of the road with a handwritten sign.  I’d seen him a few times before, but sadly, I was so wrapped up in my thoughts those times that he’d become part of the scenery.  On this particular morning, I actually looked at him.  He looked so scrawny and filthy.  Without hesitation, I reached for a Cinnabon in the seat next to me.  I opened my window as I approached him, we made eye contact and I handed him the Cinnabon.  He grabbed it and had the biggest smile I’ve ever seen – as if I’d handed him a million dollars!!  He said, “Thank you, Miss, God bless you!” and he took a large bite.  It was the best Cinnabon smile – complete with icing on his chin and on the edge of my side mirror.

As Christmas approaches, many people work in soup kitchens or collect money for the needy and that’s fabulous.  Handing that Cinnabon to the homeless man only took a minute of my time, yet I’m pretty sure I made a big difference in his day.   This goes to show that every little thing counts — whether it’s for a season or a day.  We can all help in some way.

Even during these tough economic times, my family is so blessed and I want to make a difference, even past the holidays.  I guess this is my first new year’s resolution and by posting it here, I’ll be reminded to keep it!!  (Now, about other resolutions….we’ll see)…

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