Waste it or master it

12 Nov

It makes the difference between being fit or not.  Can be wasted or used efficiently. Make or break… a relationship.  We have no control over it, yet can choose how to use it.  Wisely.  Or not.  We have too little or too much, yet it never changes.

What is it?

The answer is a simple four letter word: time.

As a young stay-at-home mom, I used to put off doing the laundry.  We must have had a ton of clothes because we never seemed to run out of clean clothes.  (Truth be told, occasionally I did have to buy extra underwear.)  Our days were filled with fun outings, learning and loving opportunities.  I loved spending time with my children and justified the growing pile of dirty clothes.  I glanced at the eyesore and imagined spending hours of drudgery, wasting time away from my priority: my children. Clothes could wait. It wasn’t too bad, anyway. Or so I thought.

I’ll never forget when my oldest ventured into the laundry room with me.  Next thing you know, she climbed on top of the dirty clothes and announced, “I’m on top of the world!” Uh-oh! Wake up call! I decided then and there that I had to make time for laundry.  The funny thing is that it didn’t take as long as I thought and I found a way to include the kids. I realized that I’d wasted more time stressing about not doing it than the time it actually took to do it. Go figure.

“Nothing is so fatiguing as the eternal hanging on of uncompleted task.” William James

Time is a funny thing.  We all have the same amount of time, but have the choice of how to use it.  We are not victims of time.  We can make time to do the things that are important.  Yet, many of us say we don’t have time to do something, be it exercising, cleaning or keeping in touch with loved ones.  We get busy with everyday things and even waste time on frivolous things (Facebook anyone?). Then we wonder where the time flew.

The problem is… there is a price for not doing these things. Friendships grow apart. Stress builds up from not doing these things.   You have to buy more underwear. More importantly, you risk destroying your health and your relationships.

“The bad news is time flies.  The good news is you’re the pilot.” Michael Altshuler

I am tired of hearing people say that they don’t have time to work out or call a loved one.  Really? We live in a technology rich time (pun intended) and can stay in touch with friends and family easier than in past generations.  Not having time is just an excuse.  Get up earlier.  Put it on your calendar.  What it says to me is that you don’t put importance on that relationship.  You don’t put importance on yourself when you don’t make time to take care of yourself.  We are not victims.  We can make time for what’s important.

“Time = Life; Therefore, waste your time and waste your life, or

master your time and master your life.” Alan Lakein

There are tons of books on time management, but what it really comes down to is this: the clock ticks the same way every day.  Decide what is important to you and make each second count because you really don’t know which one will be your last.  You can quote me on that.

~~ Maggie

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