Zoom Zoom! 2 week countdown

10 Jun

So much to do before my trip and these next two weeks will zoom by like the Shinkansen (Japanese bullet train)!

Some of my tasks are more complete than others.

  • Finalize plans to visit with former Japanese students and brother-in-law: I’m super thrilled about this!  I’ll meet them in Toyota City, Kyoto and Hiroshima.  To prepare for this, I’ll need a temporary Japanese cell phone, collect cards from students/teachers to pass on, figure out best times and places to meet that don’t interfere with guided tours/excursions, and, of course, buy gifts from U.S.;
  • Complete preparation of lesson plans: I submitted my plans to the elementary school I’ll be visiting in Japan. I’ll need to put it all together and make sure it’s easy to transport. I’ll present the school with a gift from our school (I already purchased);
  • PACK!  Good news — I only need to wear “business casual”  a couple of times and the rest will be casual!!  Yey! I’m excited because dressing casually will be much easier in the humidity and rainy weather.
  • Prepare for stay with host family: I’ll buy gifts for them, as is Japanese custom; also, I’ll put together pictures of life in America – pictures of American schools, local places and our house, including the bathroom;
  • Further educate myself as to Japanese etiquette and customs: I’ll meet with my awesome and patient friend (again) who’s a wonderful source of information and I appreciate it immensely;
  • Prepare questions for educators in Japanese schools: I’ll be presenting when I return to U.S. so I’ll need to prepare a PowerPoint and keep all this in mind during my visit;
  • Get business cards with name in Japanese; thanks to my friend, I can check this off my list.

Okay – I know – don’t forget to breathe and ENJOY.  No worries there.  My schedule includes time for spirituality and serenity.  I look forward to that!  Also, I checked out the three hotels we’re staying at and they are amazing!  The hotel in Tokyo even has an aquarium with a dolphin show!  I love dolphins!

Sayonara for now!

~~ Maggie


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2 responses to “Zoom Zoom! 2 week countdown

  1. Alex Diaz-Granados

    June 10, 2012 at 1:50 PM

    Don’t forget to remove your shoes when you are in a Japanese home….


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