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Sister Skype Sessions – Free Long Distance

miamisummer2Yes – you read it right – FREE long distance.   Who wouldn’t want to save some money?  So many people are unemployed right now or are on a tight budget and love to hear about getting FREE stuff, especially something as costly as long distance calls.  Some families have one parent in another state because of a job and this provides a great FREE way to stay in touch.

The first time I heard about Skype was from my brother-in-law, who lives in Japan.   I was a bit skeptical — FREE long distance calls? — even for international calls?  The answer is YES.  It’s really easy.  Just download their free software and follow the online directions.  It’s through the internet and you use your email addresses, instead of your phone numbers.  It  took a little effort in coordinating the right time to Skype each other, because of the time difference, but we “Skyped” successfully.   We both have webcams and it was so cool to see each other.  Webcams are fun and not too expensive, but they are not required when using Skype.  Also, you can turn this feature off if you’re not exactly presentable.

Recently, my three sisters and I started our weekly ‘Sister Skype Sessions’.  We just picked a day and time to Skype each other and voila!  It’s wonderful because all four of us can chat at the same time, with the conferencing feature.  We have the best time and I think of it as a bit of my own ‘sister therapy session’.  It’s a great way to stay in touch throughout the year, even with our busy lives.

Through our Sister Skype sessions, even though we’re thousands of miles apart, I feel like we’re all sitting by the pool, hanging out and having a good ‘ol time.  I highly recommend it for keeping in touch with loved ones  and saving money too.

Of course, now someone has to invent a way to pass the wine bottle through the ‘net.


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