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Shih Tzu Antics

Guess who’s turning NINE?  Our littlest family member, Max!  His spunky yet calm personality keeps us smiling every day and I can’t imagine life without this little piece of heaven.

Max was the calmest of his brothers and sisters.  While they were running amok chewing ears and tails, he Read the rest of this entry »


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Halloween visitors and Max

Max was whimpering like crazy as he peeked out the little window by the front door — his favorite spot to people watch.  It was not to be confused with ordinary whimpering.  It was more like his:  “HURRY, WE HAVE VISITORS! let them in, please, please, let them in, they are my best friends, please…” But the thing is….no one was at the door.  Or so I thought.  Upon closer look —  our “visitors” were our Halloween lawn decorations! We had to let the little guy go outside and see for himself.  He ran right to them (Mr. and Mrs. Witch) and he literally stared at them for a full 30 seconds before daring to go up and smell them…aww chucks…not best friends after all…what a hoot!


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Snickers turned Cujo!

I took Max for a long overdue walk (it’s been too humid before tonight) and on our way home, I detoured through the neighborhood park where we found an adorable Yorkie. Of course, Max was super excited and they did their silent talk — I think Max dominated him by the way he kept lifting his left up (4 times) at the nearby tree.  (Mind you — his bladder is completely empty by now).  I looked around, expecting to see the dog‘s owner, but the nearby gardening neighbor said no. No one else was around.

I decided the adorable Yorkie must be lost so I took a closer look on his collar — he had one of those special invisible fence things on it and I could make out his name — Snickers.  Cute,  so I thought, until I tried to get the phone number and he turned all CUJO on me. I know he’s tiny, but I wasn’t taking any chances, so I backed up. He decided he had enough of the park and took off.  I couldn’t leave him alone without finding his owner so I decided to follow him a little until I could get his number…somehow.  In the meantime, I called my daughter to meet me at the park with some treats — bribery always works with Max when I want him to come.

Luckily, he stopped a lot — he liked Max, I guess — but every time I got closer — Grrr!! I was sure he’d get my hand or ankle one of those  times.  As I waited for my daughter, I saw two women with a stroller coming through the park path and a boy on a bike coming from the street. I asked them if they knew the little dog. The women didn’t but the boy recognized him after we said his name was Snickers. He pointed to a house down the street by the park! Phew! We returned the dog to the owner — she said the battery died on his collar and she had no idea he’d gotten out. (I resisted the urge to tell her to rename her dog.)

Some people are like Snickers – aren’t they? They look all cute and adorable, but you try to help them with something and they turn all  Cujo on you. They put up a brick wall and don’t want to hear it, even if it’s in their best interest. If you push it, they show their teeth too. My reaction is the same with these people — step away slowly and no one gets hurt.


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Max’s point of view

Here’s a little jab at point of view – from Max’s perspective:

“Maaa–!”  My ears shoot up and I zoom over to the One Who Drives and Occasionally Walks Me.   Wag, wag, wag — I’m here, I’m here.  Notice me!  Ahh!  that feels soo good.  A walk?  A walk?  Take me!  Take me! TAKE ME!  Sniff, sniff — yum, is that steak? Wait!   Nooo!  Come baack!  The red thing is here.  Where’d she go? Trot,skip, trot, ooh – wait – what’s that feather doing here again?  Gotta get it — gotta got it — round and round I go — oooh – I’m soooo dizzy!  Where’d she go?  Sniff, sniff.  Oh, good, there she is.  Wag, wag, wag — I’m here, I’m here!  Hellooo?

Jingle, jingle, jingle —  a ride?  A ride?  I’m ready! Let’s go! Let’s go!  LET’S GO! Oh, there’s the red thing – click, click – yeay! Now, we’re ready.  But – oh yikes! Not that thing again!  Oh – fine!  Itchy – scratchy itchy -oh well – let’s go!  There IT is!  One, two — threeeeee — I made it!  Phew!

If you haven’t figured it out yet – Max is my dog!

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