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Trapped Miners’ Message of Hope

The story of the 33 trapped miners in Chile is amazing! So far, they’ve survived 17 days inside a mine shaft shelter the size of a small apartment — 2,300 feet underground. I can’t even imagine being stuck in my comfortable basement with four people for a fraction of that time! And not only have they survived, but their messages are positive and filled with hope.

One message read “The 33 of us in the shelter are well.”  Later, another message by the eldest miner (63- year-old Mario Gomez) read, “God is great.” Talk about a test of faith.

These survivors have a long wait for their rescue — it is estimated to take three months. Three months can feel like a lifetime in such close quarters with so many people and no conveniences.  Imagine the lack of hygiene and toilets! Most people don’t even like to use port-a-potties or latrines!

My prayers go out to these survivors who show that even in the worst case scenario, there is HOPE!



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