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18 Days to Japan

Friendship (Yuujou)

My motto for trying new food for my upcoming trip to Japan is: try ANYTHING once and THEN ask what I ate! šŸ™‚ This motto served me well at my recent ETJ orientation dinner. Ā I ate steak, tuna, salmon, shrimp, eel, octopus, jellyfish, seaweed, liver (from some type of bottom feeder fish) and otherĀ delicacies at the fabulous Cherry Blossom of Novi Japanese Restaurant.

And, oh boy, I tried almost everything!! Ā (The octopus was a bit chewy, by the way.) Ā There was soooo much food! Ā I’m glad I’ll be walking a lot (and sweating from the humidity) because otherwise, I would gain weight! I learned that the Japanese use soy sauce the same way Americans use ketchup. Ā Also, it’s much easier to eat Read the rest of this entry »


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