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Halloween visitors and Max

Max was whimpering like crazy as he peeked out the little window by the front door — his favorite spot to people watch.  It was not to be confused with ordinary whimpering.  It was more like his:  “HURRY, WE HAVE VISITORS! let them in, please, please, let them in, they are my best friends, please…” But the thing is….no one was at the door.  Or so I thought.  Upon closer look —  our “visitors” were our Halloween lawn decorations! We had to let the little guy go outside and see for himself.  He ran right to them (Mr. and Mrs. Witch) and he literally stared at them for a full 30 seconds before daring to go up and smell them…aww chucks…not best friends after all…what a hoot!


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Erebus – the world’s largest haunted house is right here in Michigan!

Fall is a great time of year to live in Michigan.  Not only do we have the beautiful splendor of autumn leaves, but we have the largest haunted house right in Pontiac, Michigan.  This four story haunted attraction is so large, it even made the Guinness Book of World Records.

One Halloween season, I took a behind the scenes tour of Erebus, the world’s largest haunted house.  WOW!  It was amazing and thrilling, to say the least.  I was fortunate to get the inside scoop because the owners,  James and Edward Terebus, are my good friend’s relatives.  We even took our Girl Scout troop, who screamed and laughed the entire time.  It was exhilarating, even when we knew ahead of time when something was going to pop out at us.  Since we were on a guided tour, we had the lights on for some of the rooms and it was still scary!  One of our favorite rooms was the swampy area which closed in on us.  Another room seemed to disappear right under our feet and we felt like we were falling off a spooky cliff.  We huddled as we experienced the state-of-the-art sound effects, Hollywood make-up, original horrific and terrifying special effects and scenes.  Most of us screamed and laughed throughout the entire walk-through.

It’s no wonder the Oakland Press said, “ The moment goes from one of slight tension to that of complete chaos. Yet, the thrill and the fun of it all is worth making the heart work overtime.”

The question is – this Halloween, will I venture to this “masterpiece of horror” with the lights OFF?  Hmm…we’ll see….



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Halloween Decor

pumpkinsIf you’re like me, you like finding inexpensive decorating ideas for Halloween too. After a quick search on the net, here are my favorite ideas:

Pumpkins/gourds:  Nothing says Halloween like a carved pumpkin on your front porch.  You can buy them at a local pumpkin patch or look for specials at your grocery store.  You can carve them or decorate with a sharpie – it’s up to you.  We like to carve ours and put a candle inside.

Ghosts:  Cover some small/medium balls with small/medium size (cut) white sheets and tie around ball securely with string/twine.  Use a black Sharpie and make eyes.  Viola!  You have ghosts – which you can hang outside on your tree or front porch or around your house.

Tombstones: Cut some old moving boxes or Styrofoam into tombstone shapes. Use remaining scraps for the stands.  Spray paint them gray or use aluminum foil.  Then, use a black Sharpie to write a simple R.I.P. or other amusing epitaphs.

Spider Webs: You can get cheap “webs” at the store or make your own with cotton balls — just pull them apart until they’re thin and feel like a spider web.

Also, check out your local dollar stores.  Sometimes you can get creative by combining some of the items you find there.


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