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Study Maybe — a Decade (or two) Later

Guess who is going back to college after what feels like FOREVER? Yep – me! Today is my first class and I’m so GEEKED – I’ve already read all the books.  So what if the books were mostly picture books – for Children’s Lit & Drama – but hey – I’m beyond excited, okay? 🙂

Why am I going back NOW, especially when tuition is so expensive and I have two high schoolers who will be in college soon?  Why torture myself with late night studying and homework, projects and all that that entails? Two good reasons: I received a grant and I’m not paying a dime – even for books! Can you believe that? How can I pass that up? Secondly – I love learning and bettering myself — keep my mind active and all that.  I’ll have a teaching degree, so that’s cool.  Did I mention, it’s a FULL RIDE? 🙂

Butterflies in my stomach? Maybe a couple, but mostly I can’t wait!  I know there have been a ton of changes since I went to college.  Obviously – technology will make things easier – like studying apps – flashcards and such.

Before I go get ready, I HAVE to watch Dodson Study Maybe – a hilarious video by a dedicated and amazing staff.  LOVE IT!

I’d love to hear from anyone else who went back to college after so many years.  What was your experience?  What were your challenges and how did you overcome them?  Any tips are welcome!!

~~ Maggie


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The “I” generation

Kids and teenagers these days rely on technology for so much.  They’re always on the internet, iPod, iTouch, etc.  — the “I” generation!

Doing your homework and forgot the name of a character in The Odyssey?

My generation: get the book and look it up by thumbing through to where you think you saw it; “I” generation: google it.

Don’t understand a geometry problem?  My generation: go to the back of the book and hope there are answers to the odd questions which can shed light on your problem or ask a friend; “I” generation: google it.

Want to listen to a favorite song when you’re in the car?  My generation: hope it’s on the radio; reach for the iPod or iTouch.

Want to know the lyrics to a favorite song?  My generation: record it on your cassette player and replay it a thousand times until you get it;  “I” generation: you guessed it – google it.

All this technology makes it easier for kids – esp. homework – but is it better?  How do they become creative or good problem solvers if all they have to do is google it?  Also – how do they know the information on the internet is correct? Are ear buds (blasting loud music) that great for their hearing?  Does anyone else worry about this?

I love technology and rely on too, but I’m glad I was born before all of it took over our way of doing things.

Now, my generation says, “When I was your age, I had to actually open a book to find that out.”

Hmmm…that may replace the old “I walked five miles to school – each way” of my parents’ generation….


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