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Soccer Tips for Newbies

A funny thing happened one morning when I casually asked a friend how she got into such amazing shape.  She opened my eyes to a whole new world of …women’s SOCCER!  Wait. What? At that point, my daughter had played on a few teams and I’d gone to all her games and practices (most were cold and dreary), but grown-ups play too? It was music to a young mom’s ears, who craved – yes CRAVED – to get into shape.  Only thing was…I’d NEVER played before.  Not in college.  Not in high school.  Heck, not even in middle school.  In fact, I Read the rest of this entry »

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10 Parenting Tips

I am not a parenting expert.  No one is. Parenting is a different animal. No other job in the world’s like it! There’s no manual or college degree. You are never “done” learning. Even parents of grown children will attest to that. No one, however successful, can truly claim to be an expert.

That’s not to say that we don’t know a thing or two about parenting and can’t learn from each other’s experiences. In fact, I’ve learned more from my mom friends/sisters, throughout the years, than any parenting books combined.

I’ve learned that you have to tell and show your children you love them, no matter what they do or say. Also, Read the rest of this entry »


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Writing conference is one week away

I’m so excited about it since I’ve never been to one before.  I almost feel …guilty.  I get to spend an entire day learning about something that gives me so much pleasure. I’ll meet fellow writers and experts who I’m sure to learn from.

In preparation for the conference, I decided to read the books by the authors who will be speaking.  So far, I read Jay Asher‘s “Thirteen Reasons Why” and, for reasons only my closest friends will understand, this was difficult for me to read.  But — I’m really glad I did.  It was brilliant and I’m not just saying that because the guy will be critiquing my first chapter — yeay — it was so well thought out and deep and I couldn’t put it down!!  (That says a lot about a book that I didn’t want to read in the first place).  I’m so blessed that I’ll get to meet the author of such a great book (New York Times bestseller, no less).  I’m sure I’ll learn a lot from him and all the speakers.

Happy writing! Hope to see fellow writers at the conference!



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