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I choose to remember the victims

What a sad sad day in America.  The Colorado movie massacre was a senseless tragedy.  My heart goes out to those poor victims and their friends and families.

My first reaction was probably like most people’s: shock.  Then came anger.  Who does this? (He is not a “he”, but an “it”.)

What the hell was the point?

Wait. I don’t even want to know “its” motivation – NOTHING justifies what “it” did.

Instead of focusing on “it”, who I refuse to acknowledge by name, I choose to remember the twelve victims.  They are the ones who deserve recognition and fame.  Their names should be the ones blasted out all over the internet and on the news channels.  Their lives were taken much too short, but they should be remembered.

The youngest was six.  The oldest was 51. One died on his birthday.  Several were fathers and mothers.  All were sons and daughters.  All were heroes.

Here’s a list of the victims, may they rest in peace.  The list is in alphabetical order and includes links to some of the stories about them.

  1. Jonathan Blunk, 26 years old – Jonathan Blunk’s wife talks about her family’s loss
  2. A.J. Boik, 18 years old – AJ Boik Among Those Killed In Theater Shooting 
  3. Gordon Cowden, 51 years old – At 51 Gordon Cowden was oldest of those slain in theater shooting
  4. Jessica Ghawi, 24 years old – Jessica Ghawi’s Family Wants to Focus on Victims, Not Colorado Shooter 
  5. Air Force Staff Sgt. Jesse Childress, 29 years old  – Jesse Childress Died Trying to Protect Friend at “Dark Knight” Massacre
  6. Navy Petty Officer 3rd Class John Thomas Larimer, 27 years old – Shooting victim John Larimer: Illinois sailor was youngest of five children
  7. Matt McQuinn, 27 years old –  Aurora shooting victims: Heroism and heartbreak as last moments revealed 
  8. Micayla Medek, 23 years old – Father of slaying victim Micayla Medek: ‘I lost a precious soul.’
  9. Veronica Moser-Sullivan, 6 years old – Double tragedy:  Aurora shooting victim learns her daughter was killed
  10. Alex Sullivan, 27 years old – Alex Sullivan was celebrating his 27th birthday at midnight showing
  11. Alex Teves, 24 years old –   Shooting victim Alex Teves had ‘a heart of gold,’ saved girlfriend
  12. Rebecca Wingo, 32 years old –  Rebecca Wingo, mom of two, among victims kill

I choose to remember the victims.

~~ Maggie


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R.I.P. Caylee

Today’s “not guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony murder trial brought tears to the masses, but not tears of relief. There were tears of anger. Tears of sadness. Tears of resentment. Tears of disgust. This storm of emotion by the public was broadcasted on every news channel since the verdict was reported.

Why so much emotional response to this particular acquittal? Many believe two-year old Caylee died at the hand of her own mother. And she just got away with it.

O.J. Simpson verdict all over again.

People diligently watched the trial unfold on T.V. and knew the “not guilty” verdict was always a possibility, but did anyone really think she’d be found “not guilty”?

This case resonates with all of us because Caylee was an innocent child who was obviously murdered and the elaborate cover-up by her mother suggests she’s guilty.

Mothers all know the awful feeling when your heart STOPS for that second when you think you lost your little one in the store. What’s the first thing mothers do in that case? Mothers panic, yell the child’s name and get help, all while searching frantically for that little precious one.

Who did that for Caylee?

I don’t propose to know the truth of what really happened, but at the very least, isn’t it a crime of neglect to pretend your child is NOT missing? She didn’t report Caylee missing for at least THIRTY days!

I really don’t buy the story about Caylee’s “accidental drowning” in the pool, but if it really was true and Casey didn’t do anything about it – again, isn’t there a crime here? That’s negligence in the worst way!

As the prosecutors stated, when a child is drowning (100% of the time) someone calls for help. They call 911. They try to save her little life. To give her a chance.

Did Caylee get that chance to live?

I highly commend the prosecutors. Many will criticize them and second-guess them, but they probably didn’t have all the evidence they needed to convince the jury. They used the evidence they had to work with, but I’m sure they wish they could’ve had forensic teams from C.S.I. shows to completely prove her guilt. Alas, C.S.I. shows are fictitious and I’m guessing the technology they use doesn’t exist. Yet.

Watch out Casey. One day, your lies will catch up to you and so will technology. (Yes, I know about the double-jeopardy rule, but I’m guessing she’ll be found guilty of something else). Even if you get away with it here on earth, God will be your Judge and He knows what really happened.

It’s sickening to think that Casey is free. Free to re-invent herself. Perhaps publish a book. I truly hope that doesn’t happen. No self-respecting publisher should agree to that and no one should buy even one book. I know I never will and I promise to boycott the store that tries to sell that book.


I pray for the true victim here: Caylee. May you rest in peace, little angel. I know God is holding you in His heavenly arms and He will always love you.


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