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Funny incident in Japan between five year old and American traveler….

A certain “someone”  (suffice it to say he’s a  smart, six foot tall, handsome man) went to Japan recently and encountered a bright five year old Japanese boy at a train station.  This is what happened:

As handsome man stood in front of a very complex train ticket machine, for what  felt like hours (he was feeling flu-like symptoms to begin with), the little boy and his mother stopped by.

The little boy looked up and, in perfect and clear English, said “Sir, do you need help?”

The man looked down at the little tyke and mumbled, “Yes.”   He didn’t really expect any help from the little guy, but he was impressed at his language skills.

The little boy pointed at the train ticket machine and said, “Sir, maybe it would help if you pushed the “English” button.”

True story.


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