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Waking up in Vegas – an art lover’s dream

You have certain expectations when you go to Vegas: monstrous and elegant hotels, vibrant and flashy casinos, marvelous yet expensive entertainment and of course, seedy characters sprinkled throughout. I mean, really, the place is known as the Entertainment Capital of the World and Sin City – those nicknames weren’t given by accident, right?

The hubby and I decided Vegas would be a fun place to celebrate our wedding anniversary and see what all the hoopla was about.

When we went to the sizzling city, and I mean SIZZLING, I saw all of the above. What I didn’t expect, and was a nice surprise, was the abundance of amazing art — at almost every turn.

We stayed at the fabulously posh Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas and I was blown away by the beautiful chandeliers and superb digital art throughout the hotel and casino. We chose this hotel because of its location and amenities. Little did I know it also used every, and I mean EVERY, opportunity to display tasteful art – even in our closet!

Now, I’m not an art connoisseur by any means, but I appreciate art like most people, and consider myself an art lover. And, baby, Vegas is an art lover’s dream. We checked out the Vegas Strip, on foot, and our eyes were saturated with incredible works of art, including statues of lions, kings, gods and goddesses, pyramids, sphinx, extravagant lights, lavish fountain shows, flourishing flowers, famous landmarks, and much much more. Let’s face it: Vegas is all MUCH MUCH MORE.

We also made it to a fabulous and outstanding Cirque du Soleil show. WOW! The stage and the cast were a stunning display of art too.

These are some of the fabulous art we saw during our trip. If you are an art lover and would like to share some of your pictures here, let me know and I’d be happy to add them.

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